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Correlational subject: Physical handicap

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HANDICAP Current handicap Kind of handicap Physical handicap
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List of Findings on this Subject

Correlate as named by investigator People investigated Finding Presence of physicalhandicap Handicapped and controls Detroit, USA,197? Bodily defect Handicapped and controls Detroit, USA,197? Disabled 40+ aged, spinal-cord-injured, non-institutionalised, Portland Oregon, USA, 198? Permanent physical limitations 18-65 aged, Netherlands, 2003 Role physical (Limitations due to physical health problems) 14+aged patients and students, Hong Kong 1996 Type of disablility Disabled, Canada, 1991 Disabled and non-disabled Post-polio and Spinal cord injury and controls, California, USA 199? Severity of disability Spinal Cord Injury, Swedish, 198? Being an accident victim Lottery winners, paralyzed accident victims, and controls, Illinois USA, 1977