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Correlational subject: Family climate (earlier for adults, current for young)

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FAMILY OF ORIGIN (earlier family for adults, current for young) Family climate (earlier for adults, current for young)
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Correlate as named by investigator People investigated Finding Family attachement Undergraduate students, USA, 1982 Having problems withfamily relationships High school pupils and college students, USA, 193? Affectionate upbringing 16+ aged, general public, Austria, 1984 Satisfaction with years spent in family of origin 18-64 aged, general public, The Netherlands, 1982 Stepfamily Lifestyle 12 - 24 aged children of divorce, 1992, The Netherlands Family cohesion 18-65 aged, Victoria, Australia, followed 1981 to 1987 Family Conflict Undergraduate students, US, 199? Frequency of Family Contacts Chronic mental patients, USA,1981 Family Adolescents, Portugal, 2001-02 Positive evaluation of family relations Public highschool boys followed 3 years from grade 10, USA, 1966-69