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Correlational subject: Trend average happiness in general public

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ERA (temporal period) Average happiness in era Trend average happiness in era Trend average happiness in general public
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List of Findings on this Subject

Correlate as named by investigator People investigated Finding Relative temperal stability of average happiness in nations Adults, general public, 9 developed nations, 1948-1981 Trend in happy life years 1948-1998 Adults, general public, 67 nations, 1990s Change average happiness 18+ aged, general public, 52 nations, 1981-2007 Happiness for East and West Germans 21-64 aged, general public, Germany, followed 14 years, 1985-1999 Year effect 18+ aged, general public, Latin America, 1997-2007 Percentage of happiness General public, Japan, 3 annual 1978-2002 Average happiness and GDP/capita Adutl general population in 21 nations, 1972-1996 Change average happiness Adult general population 67 nations followed 10 to 40 years 1946 to 2011 Happiness over time 30-55 aged white males, United States, 1972-2006 Change in income distribution 18+ aged, general public, urban areas, developing nations, 1990-2010 Political change: before and after the fall of socialism 18+ aged, general public, East Germany, 1990-2004 LS GINI 15+ Aged, general public, 164 nations, 2005-2013 Previous Happiness at T1 18+ aged, general public, 132 nations, 2006