Correlational findings

Study Porter (1967): study US 1965

Female students college seniors, followed two months, Rochester, USA, 1965-66
N = 162
Non Response
8%; unaffected by place of residence
Questionnaire: Paper & Pencil Interview (PAPI)
Questionnaire completed in class


Authors's Label
Personal goals in junior years
Our Classification
T2 happiness by T1 goals. T1 data also presented in CONST 1965 and CONST 1970.
Closed questions on subjective relevan- ce of each of the goals mentioned, ra- ted on 7-point scales ranging from "not at all important" to "extremely impor- tant goal". (Perceived Instrumentality of College Test; see Constantinople 1965, 1970). Assessed at T1.

a. Acquiring an appreciation of ideas
b. Establishing own personal, social    and academic values
c. Developing relationships with the    opposite sex
d. Contributing in a distinguished and    meaningful manner to some campus    group
e. Developing the ability to get along    with different kinds of people
f. Becoming self-confident
g. Personal indepence
h. Finding a spouse
i. Achieving academic distinction
j. Having many good friends
k. Discovering own strong points and    limitations
l. Preparing for a career which begins    right after graduation
m. Preparing for a career which    requires further study beyond the    B.A. or B.S
n. Learning how to learn from books and    teachers

Observed Relation with Happiness

Happiness Measure Statistics Elaboration / Remarks A-AOL-cq-sq-v-10-a r = ns a. A-AOL-cq-sq-v-10-a r = ns b. A-AOL-cq-sq-v-10-a r = ns c. A-AOL-cq-sq-v-10-a r = ns d. A-AOL-cq-sq-v-10-a r = ns e. A-AOL-cq-sq-v-10-a r = ns f. A-AOL-cq-sq-v-10-a r = ns g. A-AOL-cq-sq-v-10-a r = ns h. A-AOL-cq-sq-v-10-a r = ns i. A-AOL-cq-sq-v-10-a r = ns j. A-AOL-cq-sq-v-10-a r = ns k. A-AOL-cq-sq-v-10-a r = s l. A-AOL-cq-sq-v-10-a r = ns m. A-AOL-cq-sq-v-10-a r = ns n.