Correlational findings

Study Baker et al. (1994): study US 1992

Bone marrow transplant survivors 5 years after transplant, United States, 1992
Survey name
Unnamed study
N = 157
Non Response
Questionnaire: Paper & Pencil Interview (PAPI)
12 patients could not be contacted


Authors's Label
Bone marrow transplantation
Our Classification
BMT of nov. 1987, survey 5 years later. Ages at transplant 9-50 years, age at follow-up 18-53 years. As all patients were more than 18 years old at follow-up, patients who were 9 years old at BMT can not be 18 years old at follow-up in 1992 (or in 1994). Patients are said not to be in life threatening relaps, allthough 6 patients are in relaps during the survey, wich surely is considered to be life threatening even if some treatment for the relapse is performed. Surviving 6 month after a bone marrow transplantation cannnot considered to be real long term survival yet..
1 had a bone marrow transplant 5 years ago
0 control group: general public

Observed Relation with Happiness

Happiness Measure Statistics Elaboration / Remarks A-BB-cm-mq-v-2-a DM = - 1 had a bone marrow transplant  M = 21
0 control group: general public M = 36
- difference                       -15