Correlational findings

Study Bjornskov (2014): study ZZ Europe 1975

14+ aged, 29 countries (EU member states and potential members), 1975-2011
Survey name:
EU-Eurobarometer combined waves
N = 2000
Non Response:
Interview: face-to-face


Authors's label
Investment price level
Our Classification
The price of capital goods relative to the overall price level

Observed Relation with Happiness

Happiness Measure Statistics Elaboration / Remarks O-SLL-u-sq-v-4-b b = +.15 p < .05 CHANGE AVERAGE happiness, by investment price level in nations.
B controlled for:
- Happiness 1 year before (to caputure CHANGE)
- Log GDP per capita
- Stable country characteristics
  - Legal quality
  - Social trust
  - Postcommunist
  - Openness economy
  - Government size
  - Regulations
- Crisis (episodes  in which the year-to-year change in purchasing power adjusted GDP per capita is negative)

Fixed effects model. Random effects: B = +.007 (ns)
O-SLL-u-sq-v-4-b b = +.12 p < .1 B additionally controlled for:
- GDP growth rate (instead of Log GDP per capita)

Fixed effects model. Random effects:  B = -.04 (ns)
O-SLL-u-sq-v-4-b b = +.12 p < .1 No significant change, when B additionally controlled for interaction:
- Growth*crisis