Correlational findings

Study Graham (2005): study US 1972

18+ aged, general public, United States, 1972-98
Survey name
CN-GSS 2003
N = 24128
Non Response
Interview: face-to-face


Authors's Label
Current occupation
Our Classification
Self-report on three questions:
a) "Last week were you working full time, part time, going to school, keeping house, or what?
1 Working full time (35 hours or more)
2 Working part ti!l1e (1 to 34 hours)
3 With a job, but not at work because of
temporary illness, vacation, strike
4 Unemployed, laid off, looking for work
5 Retired
6 In school
7 Keeping house
8 Other:__________"
b) "What kind of work do you (did you normally) do? That is, what (is/was)
your job called?
c) "(Are/Were) you self-employed or (do/did) you work for someone else?
1 Self-employed
2 Someone else"

converted to:
a Student
b Retired
c Housekeeper
d Unemployed
e Self-employed

1 yes
0 no

Observed Relation with Happiness

Happiness Measure Statistics Elaboration / Remarks O-HL-c-sq-v-3-aa b = +.29 Student O-HL-c-sq-v-3-aa b = +.22 Retired O-HL-c-sq-v-3-aa b = +.07 Housekeeper O-HL-c-sq-v-3-aa b = -.68 Unemployed O-HL-c-sq-v-3-aa b = +.10 Self-employed

B's controlled for:
- Age
- Gender
- Marital status
- Log income
- Years of education
- Race
- Health index