Correlational findings

Study Schiff & Bargal (2000): study IL 1995

Participants of self-help and support groups, Jerusalem, Israel, 199?
N = 90
Non Response:
not reported
Questionnaire: paper


Authors's label
Hope and control
Our Classification
Selfreport on following questions:
a. Since I started coming to meetings, I have begun to have more faith in my ability to change myself
b.Since I started coming to meetings, I have begun to cope much better with my life
c. The group helps me to find new coping strategies
d. The group has helped me learn ways of solving my problems
e. The group has helped me find ways of controlling my self

Rated on a numerical scale:
Items a,b,c,e:after reversing the scale 1=never to 5=always
Item d:1=certainly wrong to 6=certainly right

Observed Relation with Happiness

Happiness Measure Statistics Elaboration / Remarks O-HL-?-sq-n-11-a r = +.27 p < .05