Correlational findings

Study Ventegodt (1996): study DK 1993

31-33 aged, Denmark 1993, born in University Hospital in Copenhagen
N = 4611
Non Response
Questionnaire: Paper & Pencil Interview (PAPI)
Mailed questionnaire


Authors's Label
partner's main occupation
Our Classification
N1: All:3427;   %:1a:8,2   1b:0,6;   1c:16,6;   1d:20,5;   1e:2,0;   1f:44,8;   1g:4,1;   1h:1,1;   1i:2,2
N2: All:2903;   %:2a:7,4;   2b:15,0;   2c:23,6;   2d:12,0;   2e:12,3;   2f:0,7;   2g:11,7;   2h:4,3;   2i:6,7;   2j:6,2
Single question:
"What is your partner's main occupation?"
1a: independent businessman/tradesman
1b: assistant in spouse's business
1c: unskilled/semi-skilled worker
1d: skilled worker
1e: housewife
1f: salaried employee/civil servant
1g: student
1h: pensioner
1i: social security recipient
Partner's job type
2a: top management
2b: intellectual employment(expert-level)
2c: intellectual employment(intermediate level)
2d: clerical
2e: sales or service
2f: agriculture, forestry, fishery
2g: the trades
2h: process or machine operator
2i: military
2j: other employment

Observed Relation with Happiness

Happiness Measure Statistics Elaboration / Remarks A-AOL-m-sq-v-5-a = 1a: Mt=8.15   2a: Mt=8.33
1b: Mt=8.69   2b: Mt=7.83
1c: Mt=7.90   2c: Mt=8.15
1d: Mt=8.05   2d: Mt=8.06
1e: Mt=8.10   2e: Mt=8.19
1f: Mt=8.00   2f: Mt=7.88
1g: Mt=7.96   2g: Mt=8.00
1h: Mt=7.69   2h: Mt=7.90
1i: Mt=7.35   2i: Mt=7.39
              2j: Mt=7.95
O-SLu-c-sq-v-5-e = 1a: Mt=7.85   2a: Mt=8.18
1b: Mt=8.81   2b: Mt=7.70
1c: Mt=7.64   2c: Mt=7.79
1d: Mt=7.84   2d: Mt=7.75
1e: Mt=7.91   2e: Mt=7.89
1f: Mt=7.74   2f: Mt=7.75
1g: Mt=7.41   2g: Mt=7.80
1h: Mt=7.11   2h: Mt=7.78
1i: Mt=6.89   2i: Mt=7.16
              2j: Mt=7.70
A-AOL-m-sq-v-5-a = 1a: Mt=7.58   2a: Mt=7.65
1b: Mt=8.21   2b: Mt=7.36
1c: Mt=7.23   2c: Mt=7.40
1d: Mt=7.44   2d: Mt=7.46
1e: Mt=7.46   2e: Mt=7.45
1f: Mt=7.40   2f: Mt=7.50
1g: Mt=7.23   2g: Mt=7.49
1h: Mt=6.99   2h: Mt=7.54
1i: Mt=6.83   2i: Mt=6.89
              2j: Mt=7.35