Correlational findings

Study Ventegodt (1996): study DK 1993

31-33 aged, Denmark 1993, born in University Hospital in Copenhagen
N =
Non Response
Questionnaire: Paper & Pencil Interview (PAPI)
Mailed questionnaire


Authors's Label
current diseases and conditions
Our Classification
N: 1: 1303; 2a:324;   2b:1148;   2c:587;   2d:36;   2e:40;   2f:22;   2g:103;   2j:109;   2k:183;   2l:509;   2m:409;   2n:585;   2o:147:   2p:47;   2q:68;   2r:15;   2s:19;   2t:5;   2u:12;   2v:167;   2w:4;   2x:66;   2y:60;   2z:5;   2aa:556;   2ab:136;   2ac:144;   2ad:16
Single question:
"Do you at present have any of the following diseases or conditions?"
1: no illnesses/disorders
2: one or more of the following conditions:
2a: impaired hearing
2b: impaired vision
2c: back problems
2d: diabetes
2e: epilepsy
2f: paralysis in any part of the body
2g: high blood pressure
2h: coronary thrombosis
2i: cerebral haemorrhage/cerebral thrombosis
2j: chronic bronchitis
2k: asthma
2l: allergy
2m: hayfever
2n: eczema
2o: psoriasis
2p: lupus(led)
2q: ulcer
2r: gallstone
2s: kidney stone
2t: HIV-positiv
2u: cancer
2v: congenital illnesses
2w: amputetes of arm or leg
2x: venereal diseases
2y: removal of a lump in the breast
2z: removal of the entire breast
2aa: menstrual difficulties
2ab: gynaecological disorders(not venereal diseases)
2ac: conic section
2ad: uterus removed

Observed Relation with Happiness

Happiness Measure Statistics Elaboration / Remarks A-AOL-m-sq-v-5-a = 1: Mt=8.19
2a: Mt=7.58
2b: Mt=7.16
2c: Mt=7.11
2d: Mt=6.95
2e: Mt=6.50
2f: Mt=5.69
2g: Mt=6.75
2h: Mt=
2i: Mt=
2j: Mt=6.90
2k: Mt=7.46
2l: Mt=7.53
2m: Mt=7.55
2n: Mt=7.36
2o: Mt=7.65
2p: Mt=6.49
2q: Mt=6.55
2r: Mt=7.34
2s: Mt=6.19
2t: Mt=5.00
2u: Mt=6.88
2v: Mt=7.03
2w: Mt=8.75
2x: Mt=6.90
2y: Mt=7.88
2z: Mt=8.00
2aa: Mt=7.23
2ab: Mt=7.39
2ac: Mt=7.63
2ad: Mt=6.25
O-SLu-c-sq-v-5-e = 1: Mt=7.80
2a: Mt=7.19
2b: Mt=7.28
2c: Mt=6.93
2d: Mt=6.60
2e: Mt=6.69
2f: Mt=6.03
2g: Mt=6.55
2h: Mt=
2i: Mt=
2j: Mt=6.69
2k: Mt=7.16
2l: Mt=7.18
2m: Mt=7.33
2n: Mt=7.10
2o: Mt=7.11
2p: Mt=6.54
2q: Mt=6.25
2r: Mt=7.00
2s: Mt=6.84
2t: Mt=3.50
2u: Mt=7.50
2v: Mt=7.10
2w: Mt=6.88
2x: Mt=6.70
2y: Mt=7.41
2z: Mt=7.00
2aa: Mt=6.98
2ab: Mt=7.23
2ac: Mt=7.33
2ad: Mt=7.35
O-HL-c-sq-v-5-ha = 1: Mt=7.33
2a: Mt=6.94
2b: Mt=6.85
2c: Mt=6.68
2d: Mt=6.74
2e: Mt=6.54
2f: Mt=5.23
2g: Mt=6.13
2h: Mt=
2i: Mt=
2j: Mt=6.41
2k: Mt=6.84
2l: Mt=6.83
2m: Mt=6.89
2n: Mt=6.83
2o: Mt=6.84
2p: Mt=6.39
2q: Mt=6.18
2r: Mt=7.00
2s: Mt=6.19
2t: Mt=5.00
2u: Mt=6.25
2v: Mt=6.59
2w: Mt=7.00
2x: Mt=6.44
2y: Mt=6.99
2z: Mt=6.50
2aa: Mt=6.66
2ab: Mt=6.84
2ac: Mt=7.10
2ad: Mt=7.04