Findings on happiness in Nock (1982): study US 1972

Author(s)Nock, S.L.
TitleEnduring Effects of Marital Disruption and Subsequent Living Arrangements.
SourceJournal of Family Issues, 1982, Vol. 3, 25 - 40
Public18+ aged, general public, USA, 1972-77
Survey nameNot available
 US Data General Social Surveys: 1972 - 1977
SampleNot available
 Probability samples in 6 years between 1972-1977 These six samples were pooled. Excluded were: individuals raised in institutions, those whose parents were in institutions when they were growing up, those whose parent(s) were in the armed forces while they were adolescents and individuals who grew up with neither natural parent.
Respondents N =8224
Non ResponseNot available
AssesmentInterview: face-to-face
 Highly structured at home
Happiness measure(s) used
Full textSelfreport on single question: Taken all together, how would you say things are these days? Would you say that you are....? 3 very happy 2 pretty happy 1 not too happy
Author's labelGeneral satisfaction
RemarksRecoded: a+b = 0, c = 1
Finding used in
nation ranks

Correlational findings

Author's labelSubject Code
Subject description
Family disruption in youthF01ab02Number of parents (broken home)
Joint effectsS15ab05Socio-demographic + life-events