Findings on happiness in Aldous & Ganey (1999): study US 1972

Author(s)Aldous, J.; Ganey, R.F.
TitleFamily Life and the Pursuit of Happiness.
SourceJournal of Family Issues, 1999, Vol. 20, 155 - 180
Public18+ aged, general public, USA, 1972-1993
Survey nameUS-GSS
 General Social Surveys 1972-1993
SampleProbability stratified sample
 Probability multistage random sample, post-stratified for race; whites: 30% random selection from total gss-sample; blacks: all cases
Respondents N =101630
Non ResponseNot available
AssesmentInterview: face-to-face
Happiness measure(s) used
Full textSelfreport on single question: Taking all together, how would you say things are these days? Would you say you are .....? 3 very happy 2 pretty happy 1 not too happy
Author's labelHappiness
Page in publication5
Finding used in
nation ranks
 On original range 1 - 3On range 0 - 10
Standard deviation

Correlational findings

Author's labelSubject Code
Subject description
GenderG01aaSex (male vs female)
Marital satisfactionM03ac03Satisfaction with marriage
Marital StatusM02aaMarried state (compared to non-married states)
RaceE04ab03tEthnic status in the USA
Satisfaction with familiy lifeF03ac02Satisfaction with family-life