Stichting Studie Geluk (Foundation for the Study of Happiness)


  1. Safeguard the continued availability of the World Database of Happiness on the internet.
  2. Secure that the latest version of that database made under the responsibility of the founder is saved separately and kept available on the internet and in appropriate data archives. Encourage that links to this original are made from later off-shoots.
  3. Promote further development and updating of the World Database of Happiness and facilitate the use of the collection.
  4. In that context, supervise spending from the Support Fund for the World Database of Happiness that is administered by the Erasmus University Trustfund and eventually propose projects to be financed by this fund.
  5. Maintain a website on which the publications of the founder are available, preferably his complete homepage.
  6. If all the above needs no further support, advance the study of happiness in other ways.

Board (at 26-03-2023):

Dr. Joris Veenhoven (chair)

Drs. Maurits Bruel (treasurer)

Prof. Dr. Ruut Veenhoven (secretary)

Dr. Maarten Berg 

Prof. Dr. Martijn Burger

Mr. dr. Jan Ott

Dr. Peggy Schyns

The foundation is registered at the Chamber of Commerce in Rotterdam, The Netherlands under number 24416175. Its fiscal number (RSIN) is: 8180.92.440. The foundation is recognized as a charity by the Dutch fiscal authority.

Triodos bank., POB 55 3700AB, Zeist, Netherlands
IBAN: NL13trio0320558517 BIC: TrionL2u

Dr. Joris Veenhoven, E-mail:


The foundation received the 2021 ISQOLS Award for the Betterment of the Human Condition on behalf of the World Database of Happiness.

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