Tobacyk (1981): study US 1979


Tobacyk, J.
Personality Differentiation, Effectiveness of Personality Integration, and Mood in Female College Students.
Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 1981, Vol. 41, 348 - 356


Female undergraduate students, U.S.A., 198?
N = 31
Non Response
57 %
Questionnaire: Paper & Pencil Interview (PAPI)
whith a mood-diary kept 3 times a day

Happiness Measure(s) and Distributional Findings

Full text:
Self report on 16 questions, repeated three times a day during at least 33 successive days (experience sampling)

How I feel now:
A    Fullness vs. Emptiness of life ( how emotionally satisfying,
      abundant or empty, your life felt today )
B    Receptivity towards and Stimulation by the World ( how   
      interested and  responsive you feel to what was going on  
      around you)
C    Social Respect vs. Social Contempt ( how you feel about    
       other people regard you, or feel about you, today)
D    Personal Freedom vs. External Constraint ( how much you   
       feel you are free or not free to do as you want)
E     Harmony vs. Anger ( how well got along with, or how angry
       you feel toward, other people )
F     Sociability vs. Withdrawal  (how socially outgoing or
        withdrawn you feel now )                                               
G     Companionship vs. Being Isolated ( the extent to which  
        you  feel emotionally accepted by, or isolated from other
        people )
H     Love and Sex ( the extent to which you feel loving and  
        tender or sexually frustrated and unloving )
I       Present Work ( how satisfied or dissatisfied you are with    
        your work )
J      Thought Processes ( how readily your ideas come and how  
        valuable they seem )
K     Tranquility vs. Anxiety ( how calm or troubled you feel )
        Impulse Expression vs. Self-restraint ( how expressive and  
        impulsive or internally restrained and controlled, you feel )
M     Personal Moral Judgment (how self-approving or how
        guilty, you feel )
N     Self-confidence vs. feeling of Inadequacy ( how self-  
        assured and adequate or helpless and inadequate you   
        feel )
O     Energy vs. Fatigue ( how energetic or tired and weary you  
        feel )
P     Elation vs. Depression ( how elated or depressed, happy  
       or  unhappy, you feel now )

Scoring: all items scored on 0 - 9 . (Rating scales not reported).                                                                
Summation: average

Name: Wessman & Rick's `Personal Feelings Scale'
Author's label:
Mood level

Correlational Findings

Author's label Subject Description Finding Personality differentiation Field independence
Personality differentiation
Effectiness of Personality ubtegration Personality integration