Henley & Davis (1967): study US 1959


Henley, B.; Davis, M.S.
Satisfaction and Dissatisfaction: A Study of the Chronically-Ill Aged Patient.
Journal of Health and Social Behavior, 1967, Vol. 8, 65 - 75


60+ aged chronically-ill, followed three years, USA, 1959-62
N =
Non Response
24% not available because of death, mental deterioration, unknown address or r
Interview: face-to-face
at clinic or at home.

Happiness Measure(s) and Distributional Findings

Full text:
Self report on single question:

In general, how satisfied are you with your way of life.......?
4  quite satisfied
3  fairly satisfied
2  sometimes dissatisfied
1  usually dissatisfied
Author's label:
General satisfaction.
Error estimates:
Reliability: Stability as assessed by repeating the same question after three years showed 73% unchanged. Validity: External concurrent validity as assessed by comparison with the impression of clinic nurses of patient's satisfaction: 71% agreement.

Correlational Findings

Author's label Subject Description Finding Age Age difference among elderly Educational level Level of school-education White race Ethnic status in the USA Extent of family contact outside the home Contacts with relatives Male sex Sex: male (vs female) Self-perceived health Global health self-rating Household composition Current household-composition Living alone Living alone or not Objection to living alone Attitude to living alone Income Household income Perceived financial adequacy Subjective poverty Married vs never married Married (vs never married) Married vs widowed Married (vs widowed) Married vs divorced Married (vs divorced) Never married vs widowed Never married (vs widowed) Never married vs divorced Never married (vs divorced) Widowed Widowed (vs divorced) Practicing one's religion Current religious practices Extent of familial contact outside the home Contacts with relatives Employed status Current employment status Availability of help in case of illness Perceived availability of social support Past happiness Past happiness ( 1 to 10 years ago) Aging Past happiness ( 1 to 10 years ago) Quality of contacts with household members Intimacy with household-members
Attitudes to household-members
Perceived quality of intimate ties