Appleton & Song (2008): study CN 2002


Appleton, S.M.; Song, L.
Life Satisfaction in Urban China: Components and Determinants.
World Development, 2008, Vol. 36, 2325 - 2340


Adults, general public, urban areas, China, 2002
Survey name
CN-CHIP 2002
Probability multi-stage random
N = 6977
Non Response
Interview: face-to-face

Happiness Measure(s) and Distributional Findings

Full text:
Self report on single question

Considering all aspects of your life, how satisfied are you?
1  very dissatisfied
2  not satisfied
3  not so satisfied
4  satisfied
5  very satisfied
Author's label:
satisfaction with all aspects of life
Page in publication:
Observed distribution
1: 3.31%,   2: 11.55%,   3: 42.1%,   4: 38.89%,   5: 1.03%   (total 96.88%)
Summary Statistics
On original range 1 - 5 On range 0-10
3.24 6.08
0.80 2.21

Correlational Findings

Author's label Subject Description Finding Satisfaction with income Satisfaction with relative income Satisfaction with occupation and social status Satisfaction with career
Attitudes to current occupation
Satisfaction with work-as-a-whole
Satisfaction with socio-economic status Satisfaction with own status Satisfaction with opportunities and social mobility Satisfaction with aspects of work
Satisfaction with promotion-chances
Satisfaction with work itself
Satisfaction with opportunities for training
Satisfaction with current housing conditions Satisfaction with housing Satisfaction with government policies and environment Satisfaction with natural environment
Satisfaction with government in nation
Satisfaction with transportation opportunities in nation
Satisfaction with price levels in nation
Satisfaction with social connections Satisfaction with marriage
Satisfaction with personal contacts
Satisfaction with quality of personal contacts
Satisfaction with characteristics of spouse Own attitudes to spouse Experienced a fall in HH income Change in income level Household income per capita (log) Household income Currently unemployed Unemployed involuntary Age Current age (in years) Male Sex: male (vs female) Single (never married) Married (vs never married) Divorced Married (vs divorced) Widow/widower Married (vs widowed) Amiable personality Sociable
Perceived popularity
Dependent children/parents People supported Belief in religious tolerance Attitudes to religion Self-reported health status Self-perceived health Medical insurance coverage Insurances Occupation Kind of occupation (profession) Hukou location Earlier residence
Change in residence
Rural dwelling (vs urban)
Ever moved or not
Region in China
Political factors Political participation Party membership Membership of political organizations Summed effects Summed life-appraisals other than happiness Satisfaction with economic security on old age Concern about social security in nation Satisfaction with means of transportation Satisfaction with travel mode