Tlenchiyeva (2022h): study KZ 2021


Results of a sociological study on Internet addiction, gambling addiction, cyberbullying and bullying among adolescents and children - 2021
Personal communication,15-03-2022


Schoolchildren and teenagers, Kazakhstan 2021
Survey name
Unnamed study
Probability multistage stratified area sample
N = 3321
Non Response
Questionnaire: Conputer Assisted Web Interview (CAWI)

Happiness Measure(s) and Distributional Findings

Full text:
Self report on single question

How satisfied are you with your life in general?
The degree of your satisfaction should be determined  in accordance with the proposed scale from 1 to 10, where from 1 to 3 is dissatisfaction, 4 to 7 is partial satisfaction and 8 to 10 is complete satisfaction
2   not satisfied
5    partly
6    satisfied
9     satisfied
10 |
Observed distribution
1: 6.3%,   2: 1.4%,   3: 1.4%,   4: 3.6%,   5: 4.5%,   6: 3.3%,   7: 7.3%,   8: 12.9%,   9: 11.2%,   10: 48.1%   (total 100%)
Summary Statistics
On original range 1 - 10 On range 0-10
8.06 7.84
2.67 2.97

Correlational Findings

Author's label Subject Description Finding Time, which spend on the Internet Time on internet
Time spend on internet
About play games Gaming
About to spend time on the Internet 3-6 hours Attitude to time spend on internet Able to quit a game or chat if called Addicted to the internet
Problematic internet use
Postponing houshold chores because online Addicted to the internet
Problematic internet use
First always check el-c messengers, then proceed to other things Current internet behavior
Internet behavior
I give myself 'a few minutes' every time before I log off the i-t Internet behavior As a recreation, I prefer Internet surfing Internet, social media The Internet takes up most of my time Time on internet
Time spend on internet
I have virtual friends Reasons for internet use
Number of 'friends' on social media
I find it easier in virtual Social competences
Attitudes towards own internet use
Preference for virtual contacts
I have it easier in virtual life than in real life Preference for virtual contacts Internet interferes with my studies, life Addicted to the internet Tell your parents what you do online Relations with parents
Openness about internet use
Parents are interested in what you do online Current parental behavior
Child perspective of relation with parents
Feel yourself safe on the street Feeling secure (vs threatened)
Perceived safety in vicinity
Feel yourself safe at school Secure (vs threatened)
Sense of safety in school
Feel yourself safe in the Internet Secure (vs threatened)
Sense of safety on internet
Feel yourself safe at home Feeling secure (vs threatened)
Victim of domestic violence
Violence in the family
Situations of abusive user behavior on the Internet and s-l net-s Witnessed cyber bullying
Witness of aggression
Involved in humiliation\bullying of another person at school Aggressive behavior
Bullying incidence in school
Participated in cyber bullying
Humiliated at school Victim of bullying
Victim of aggression
Participate in cyberbulying Aggressive behavior
Bullying incidence in school
Cyberbullied Victim of bullying Sex Sex: male (vs female) Age Age difference among young people Place of residence Rural dwelling (vs urban)