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Special public: Parents with children at home

PARENTHOOD Parents Parents with children at home
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Reference Title of publication Public Levitt et al. (1986): study US 1984 Social Network Relationships as Sources of Maternal Support and Well-Being. Mothers of 13-months infants, Florida, U.S.A., 1984 Veroff et al. (1962): study US 1957 Dimensions of subjective adjustment. 21+ aged, married, with childeren, USA, 1957 Mussen et al. (1982): study US 1930 Early Adult Antecedents of Life Satisfaction at Age 70. Mothers of 21-months babies. Followed 40 years, Berkeley USA, 1930-70 Henggeler & Borduin (1981): study US 1981 Satisfied Working Mothers and their Preschool Sons: Interaction and Psychosocial Adjustment. Married mothers of 4 year old sons, USA, 1981 Lee et al. (1982): study KR 1980 Perceptions of Quality of Life in an Industrializing Country: The Case of the Republic of Korea. Parents with unmarried children at home, South Korea, 1980 Mussen et al. (1980): study US 1928 /1 Continuity and Change in Womens Characteristics over Four Decades. Mothers of preschool-aged-children, Berkeley USA, 1928-68 Shehan (1984): study US 1982 Wives' Work and Psychological Well-Being: An Extension of Gove's Social Role Theory of Depression. Working mothers of preschool children and non-working controls, USA, 198? Schaefer & Burnett (1987): study US NorthCarolina 1980 Stability and Predictability of Quality of Women's Marital Relationship and Demoralization. Mothers of young children, followed 3 years, N.Carolina, USA, 1980-83 Fine-Davis et al. (2002): study ZZ Europe 2000 Fathers and Mothers: Dillemmas of the Work-Life Balance. A Comparitive Study in Four European Countries. Dual career parents in four European cities, 200? Miller et al. (1991): study US 1956 Motherhood, Multiple Roles, and Maternal Well-Being: Women of the 1950 s. White married mothers with children under age 13, USA 1956 Winkelmann (2004): study XZ Germany West 1984 Subjective Well-Being and the Family: Results from an Ordered Probit Model with Miultiple Random Effects. Parents and their 16+ aged children, West-Germany, followed from 1984 to 1997 Wong (1985a): study US 1984 Effects of Individual Sources of Support on Well-Being in Employed Parents. Working parents with children <16, USA, 1984 Antonucci et al. (1998): study US 1980 Negative Effects of Close Social Relations. 50-95 aged, married, with children, USA,1980