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Reference Title of publication Public Dosch (1979): study US 1977 Child Abuse: A Comparison of Physical Abusers, Sexual Abusers, and Non-Abusers on Perceived Locus of Control, Self-Acceptance and Avowed Happiness. Parents, abusing and non-abusing, Oregon, USA, 197? Mitchell (1985): study US 1974 Family Helping Behavior and the Elderly: A Two-Dimensional Approach. 65+ aged, with children, USA, 1974 Weston et al. (2003): study AU 2001 The Impact of Long Working Hours on Employed Fathers and Their Families. Employed fathers, Australia, 2001 Nock (1981): study US 1973 Family Life-Cycle Transitions: Longitudinal Effects on Family Members. 16+ aged working force, USA, followed 5 years, 1973-1977 Barnett & Baruch (1987): study US 1980 Mothers' Participation in Childcare: Patterns and Consequences. Parents with children 4-10, USA, 1980 Callan (1986): study US California 1981 Single Women, Voluntary Childlessness and Perception about Life and Marriage. Intentionally childless and intentionally parents, California, USA, 198? Carone et al. (2020): study US 2016 Demographics and Health Outcomes in a U.S. Probability Sample of Transgender Parents Transgender individuals and cisgender controls, USA, 2016-2019 Drehmer et al. (2015): study US 2009 A Cross-Sectional Study of Happiness and Smoking Cessation Among Parents. Parents, USA. followed 1 year 2009-2012 Glass et al. (2016): study ZZ OECD member states 2006 Parenthood and Happiness: Effects of Work-Family Reconciliation Policies in 22 OECD Countries. Adult general public, 22 OECD nations 2006-2008 Myrskyla & Margolis (2013): study DE 2003 Parental Benefits Improve Parental Well-being: Evidence from a 2007 Policy Change in Germany. New parents, Germany,before and after policy change, 2003-2005 or 2008-2010 Stavrova & Fetchenhauer (2015): study ZZ Europe 2010 Single Parents, Unhappy Parents? Parenthood, Partnership, and the Cultural Normative Context. Parents in 43 European nations, 2010 Lansford et al. (2001): study US 1992 Does Family Structure Matter? A Comparison of Adoptive, Two-Parent Biological, Single-Mother, Stepfather and Stepmother Households. Families with at least one child <10 in household, United States of America, 1992 - 1994 Mahler (1994): study US 1994 A Comparison of Single and Married Working Parents' Agency and Desire for Money. Working parents, United States of America, 1994 Pollmann-Schult (2018): study ZZ Europe 2002 Single Motherhood and Life Satisfaction in Comparative Perspective: Do Institutional and Cultural Contexts Explain the Life Satisfaction Penalty for Single Mothers? 18-59 aged women in 24 European nations 2002 - 2012 Myrskyla & Margolis (2014): study DE 1984 Happiness: Before and after the kids New parents, Germany, followed before and after first child, 1984 - 2009 Myrskyla & Margolis (2014): study GB 1991 Happiness: Before and after the kids New parents, United Kingdom, followed before and after first child, 1991 - 2008 Schober & Schmitt (2017): study DE 2007 Day-care availability, maternal employment and satisfaction of parents: Evidence from cultural and policy variations in Germany. Parents, partnered and single, Germany, 2007 - 2012 Jenkinson et al. (2020): study BE Flanders 2009 Multi-dimensional Subjective Wellbeing and Lone Parenthood Following Divorce in Flanders (Northern Belgium) Parents, married vs. divorced, Flanders, Belgium, 2009