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Reference Title of publication Public Chiriboga & Thurnher (1980): study US 1976 Marital Lifestyles and Adjustment to Separation. Recently seperated, San Francisco and Almeda, USA, 1976 Spreitzer & Snyder (1974): study US 1972 Correlates of Life Satisfaction among the Aged. 18+ aged, married or widowed, USA,1972-73 Weingarten (1985): study US 1976 Marital Status and Well-Being: A National Study Comparing First-Married, Currently Divorced and Remarried Adults. 21+ aged whites, first married; divorced and remarried, USA, 1976 Forrester (1980): study US San Diego County, California 1980 Factors Contributing to Life Satisfaction of Divorced Women. 21-71 aged divorced women, San Diego, California, USA, 1980 Nelson (1981): study US 1978 Moderators of Women's and Children's Adjustment Following Parental Divorce. Recently divorced women, Manitoba, USA, 1978 Spanier & Furstenberg (1982): study US 1977 Remarriage after Divorce: A Longitudinal Analysis of Well-Being. Separated, followed 2 years, Pennsylvania, USA, 1977-79 Chiriboga & Cutler (1977): study US 1977 Stress Responses among Divorcing Men and Women. Recently divorced, California, USA,1977 Cargan & Whitehurst (1990): study US 1985 Adjustment Differences in the Divorced and the Redivorced. Divorced, members of singles organization Dayton, Ohio, USA, 1985 Schoon et al. (2005): study EE 2000 /2 Combining Work and Family. Life Satisfaction Among Married and Divorced Men and Women in Estonia, Finland, and the UK. Marrieds and divorced, Estonia, 2003 Mahler (1994): study US 1994 A Comparison of Single and Married Working Parents' Agency and Desire for Money. Working parents, United States of America, 1994