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Special public: Welfare Recipients

INCOME Welfare Recipients
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dole, on social security
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Reference Title of publication Public Tissue (1972): study US 1969 Another Look at Self-Rated Health among the Elderly. Aged persons, welfare recipients, USA, 1969 Koch et al. (2005): study DE 2002 Workfare: Möglichkeiten und Grenzen. (Workfare: Possibilities and Limitations). 18-65 aged, on low wage or on social security, Germany, 2002-2003 Tissue & Wells (1971): study US 1971 Antecedent Life Styles and Old Age. Applicants for old age assistance, USA, 1971. Handa et al. (2014): study KE 2007 Subjective Well-Being, Risk perceptions and Time Discounting: Evidence from a Large-Scale Cash Transfer Programme. Poor households: benefactories of a welfare program and controls, Kenya, 2007 Choi (2001): study US 1982 Relationship between Life Satisfaction and Postretirement Employment among Older Women. Female pensioners, followed 9 years, USA, 1982-1991. Jackson (1993): study US Ohio 1989 Black, Single, Working Mothers in Poverty: Preferences for Employment, Well-Being, and Perceptions of Preschool-Age Children. Working single mothers with 3/4 years aged child, recipients of subsidized childcare, City in Ohio, United States of America, 1989