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Special public: Poor

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deprived, needy
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Reference Title of publication Public Bendo & Feldman (1974): study US 1970 A Comparison of the Self-Concept of Low Income Women with and without Husbands Present. Low-income women with children, small cities and rural areas, New York State, USA, 1970 Biswas-Diener & Diener (2006): study ZZ East-West pairs 2005 The Subjective-Well-Being of the Homeless, and Lessons for Happiness. Homeless people, Calcutta (India), Fresno & Portland (USA), 200? Rent & Rent (1978): study US SouthCarolina 1973 Low-Income Housing: Factors Related to Residential Satisfaction. Low-income households, South Carolina, USA 197? Rohe & Stegman (1994): study US Baltimore, Maryland 1992 The Effects of Homeownership: on the Self-Esteem, Perceived Control and Life Satisfaction of Low-Income People. Home buyers and controls, Baltimore, USA, followed 18 months 1992-93 Rohe & Basolo (1997): study US Baltimore, Maryland 1989 Long-Term Effects of Homeownership on the Self-Perceptions and Social Interaction of Low-Income Persons. 18+ aged, heads of low-income households, Baltimore city, United States, followed 36 months, 1989-1991 Becchetti & Conzo (2010): study AR Buenos Aires 2009 Microfinance and Happiness. 18+ aged, low income households, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2009 Serpa Barros de Moura & De Losso da Silveira Beuno (2013): study BR São Paulo 2007 Land Title Program in Brazil: Are there any Changes to Happiness? 18+ aged, illigal land occupants, followed 18 months after legalization, Brazil 2007-2008 Handa et al. (2014): study KE 2007 Subjective Well-Being, Risk perceptions and Time Discounting: Evidence from a Large-Scale Cash Transfer Programme. Poor households: benefactories of a welfare program and controls, Kenya, 2007 Ludwig et al. (2012): study US 2005 Neighborhood Effects on the Long-Term Well-Being of Low-Income Adults. Recipients of housing subsidy, followed 10-15 years, 5 cities USA, 2005-2009 DeHoop et al. (2010): study IN Orrisa 2007 Women's Autonomy and Subjective Well-Being in India: How Village Norms Shape the Impact of Self-Help Groups. Women in households below poverty line participating in self-help groups, India, 2008 Amato & Zuo (1992): study US 1987 Rural Poverty, Urban Poverty, and Psychological Well-Being Poor people, black and white USA, 1987-88 Galama et al. (2017): study CO 2010 Wealthier, Happier and More Self-Sufficient: When Anti-Poverty Programs Improve Economic and Subjective Wellbeing at a Reduced Cost to Taxpayers. Heads of poor families, earlier benefactors and non-benefactors of a welfare program, Colombia, 2010 Bandyopadhyay (2020): study IN 2016 Gendered Well‑Being: Cross‑Sectional Evidence from Poor Urban Households in India Low-income urban households, Delhi, India, 2016 Fan & Mahadevan (2019): study CN 2015 The Role of Social Capital and Remote Chinese Villagers’ Well‑Being Inhabitants of remote village, China, 2015