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Special public: Heads of households

FAMILY Heads of households
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Reference Title of publication Public Shin & Johnson (1978): study US 1975 Avowed Happiness as the Overall Assessment of the Quality of Life. Heads of households, Illinois, USA, 1975 Bamundo & Kopelman (1980): study US 1977 The Moderating Effects of Occupation, Age, and Urbanization on the Relationship between Job Satisfaction and Life Satisfaction. Heads of households, USA, 1977 Erbes & Hedderson (1985): study US 1968 A Longitudinal Examination of the Separation/Divorce Process. Male heads of households, followed 4 years, USA, 1968-72 Dershem et al. (1996): study RU 1993 The Use of the CES-D for Measuring Symptoms of Depression in Three Rural Russian Villages. Household heads, villages, Russia 1993 Howell et al. (2006): study MY 2003 Does Wealth Enhance Life Satisfaction for People Who Are Materially Deprived? Exploring the Association among the 'Orang Asli' of Peninsular Malaysia. Heads of households, Malaysia, 2003 Knauder (2000): study MZ 1991 Globalization, Urban Progress, Urban Problems, Rural Disadvantages. Evidence from Mozambique. Households, 18 areas, Mozambique, 1991 Hinks & Davies (2008): study MW 2004 Life Satisfaction in Malawi and the Importance of Relative Consumption, Polygamy and Religion. Household heads, Malawai 2004-2005 Gray (2014): study DE 2002 Financial Concerns and Overall Life Satisfaction: A Joint Modelling Approach. Heads of households, Germany, 2002, 2007 Cuesta & Budria (2011): study DE 2000 Deprivation and Subjective Well-being: Evidence from Panel Data. 18+ aged, heads of households, Germany, 2000-2008 Rohe & Basolo (1997): study US Baltimore, Maryland 1989 Long-Term Effects of Homeownership on the Self-Perceptions and Social Interaction of Low-Income Persons. 18+ aged, heads of low-income households, Baltimore city, United States, followed 36 months, 1989-1991 Rohe & Stegman (1994): study US Baltimore, Maryland 1989 The Effects of Homeownership: on the Self-Esteem, Perceived Control and Life Satisfaction of Low-Income People. 18+ aged, heads of low-income households, Baltimore city, United States, followed 18 months, 1989