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Special public: Blacks in USA

ETHNIC GROUP Ethnic groups in USA Blacks in USA
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colored, African Americans

List of Studies on this Public

Reference Title of publication Public Ball & Robbins (1984): study US 1983 Marital Status and Life Satisfaction of Black Men. 18+ aged, black men, Florida, USA, 1983 Kiecolt & Acock (1990): study US 1980 Childhood Family Structure and Adult Psychological Well-Being of Black Americans. 18 + aged; Blacks, USA, 198? Adams (1997): study US 1980 A Paradox in African American Quality of Life. Black Americans, USA, followed from 1980 to 1992 Jackson & Gibson (1985): study US 1979 Work and Retirement among the Black Elderly. 55+ aged blacks, USA, 1979-80 Levin & Taylor (1998): study US 1979 Panel Analyses of Religious Involvement and Well-Being in African Americans: Contemporaneous vs. Longitudinal Effects. 18+ aged Blacks, USA, followed 1979 to 1992 Erlandsson et al. (2010): study US 1989 Women’s Perceived Frequency of Disturbing Interruptions and Its Relationship to Self-Rated Health and Satisfaction with Life as a Whole. Single black mothers receiving child care, Ohio, United States, 1989 Rutledge (1990): study US Illinois 1981 Black Parent-Child Relations: Some Correlates. Female black students, Illinois, United States of America, 1981 Amato & Zuo (1992): study US 1987 Rural Poverty, Urban Poverty, and Psychological Well-Being Poor people, black and white USA, 1987-88 Jackson (1993): study US Ohio 1989 Black, Single, Working Mothers in Poverty: Preferences for Employment, Well-Being, and Perceptions of Preschool-Age Children. Working single mothers with 3/4 years aged child, recipients of subsidized childcare, City in Ohio, United States of America, 1989