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Greater happiness requires solid knowledge about happiness
Promoting happiness requires knowledge about happiness; promotion of happiness on basis of mere beliefs has unpacked in disasters in the past. Evidence based pursuit of happiness is comparable to evidence based health promotion.

Help to make existing knowledge on happiness accessible
Knowledge about happiness requires more than just doing research on happiness, it also requires that research results are made available to be applied, which in its turn requires that the research results are well accessible. The accessibility of the available research finding on happiness can be much improved at relatively low cost. Access to facts about happiness will enable better informed choices to be made by individuals and organizations, which will contribute to greater happiness of a greater number of people.

Support required
Describing a research findings on a standardized finding page takes about 4 hours work, of which 2 hours of a specialist. The continuing growth of scientific research on happiness is exceeding the capacity of our team. Some 20.000 research findings are waiting to be entered, and the back log is growing by the day. Much of these findings get lost in the dust of libraries.
We need finance for some 12 person-years to unearth these findings and another 2 person-years per year to enter new research. This may seem to be a lot but it is only a fraction of the effort that has already been invested in the original research.

How to support
Sponsor a topic in this database
You can support the gathering of research findings on happiness in your field, e.g. as a bank you can help to keep the findings on happiness and savings up to date. This will give answers to questions such as how much savings is optimal for what kind of customers.
On the basis of research findings entered in the database, we make review papers periodically, such as recently on happiness and private wealth

Sponsor the database as a whole
Help us to keep findings on other topics up-to-date and to develop the technique behind this finding archive.

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