Welfare state in nations

System seniorityEstes’s Welfare Effort subindex (part of Index of Social Progress)
Years since first law on: 1. Old age, invalidity, death (+), 2. Sickness, maternity (+), 3. Work injury (+), 4. Unemployment (+), 5. Family allowances (+)
1979-80WelfareLaw1_1980103Estes 1984 table 5-1
EntitlementsDecommodification score  1980WelfareLaw2_198017Esping-A 1990 table 2.2
Benefits generosity
Generosity in social insurance programs for: 1) Unemployment, 2) Sickness and 3) Pensions
Estimates of entitled benefits multiplied by coverage ratio. Scores for the three programs added.
Variant of Esping-Andersen’s Decommodification score
1980-89WelfareLaw3_1980-8918Scruggs 2004
Public expenditures for social securityILO definition of benefits in % GDP 1980WelfareExpense1_1980240ILO-A 1996 table 31
1990WelfareExpense1_198939ILO-A 1996 table 3
1993WelfareExpense1_199357ILO-A 1997
1995WelfareExpense1_199546ILO-A 2000
1996WelfareExpense1_199670ILO-A 2000
2004-07WelfareExpense1_2006 ILO 2010 table 26
IMF definition1
Expenditures as % GDP on ‘public social protection’ (health not included)
1980WelfareExpense2_198027IMF-A 1983, 1987, 1988
IMF definition2
Expenditures as % GDP on ‘public social protection’ and health
OECD definition
Sum of spending on mandatory either public of mandatory private programs for 1) Old age, 2) Survivors, 3) Incapacity, 4) Health care, 5) Family, 6) Workfare, 7) Unemployment, 8) Housing, 9) Other social policies
Programs should address one or more social purposes and the provision of benefits should involve either a) Interpersonal redistribution, or b) Compulsory participation
1980WelfareExpense3_198022OECD 1986 table 6.3
2004WelfareExpense3b_200430OECD 2009
OECD definition, modified1960WelfareExpense4_196019Gordon 1988 table 2.1
1980WelfareExpense4_198018Gordon 1988 table 2.1

Related topics: Governance (corporatism), Government expenditures (on public health)
Related themes: Economy, Inequality, Politics, Social cohesion, Risks

The dataset States of Nations is about characteristics of countries in periods (macro variables). It is part of the World Database of Happiness. Developed for the identification of societal conditions for happiness, this dataset can also be used for other purposes.