Religion in nations

Religious beliefs
Belief in GodPublic opinion1980BeliefGod_198031WSV1-item 308
1990BeliefGod_199034WVS2 item 166
1995BeliefGod_ 199544WVS3 item 183
Belief in SoulPublic opinion1980-2000BeliefSoul_1980-200056WVS1 item 310
WVS2 item 168
WVS3 item 185
WVS4 item f052
Meaning of life in GodPublic opinion1990MeaningInGod_199036WVS2 items 135+138+140
Religious denomination
Catholic % of population
Christian % of population 2000ReligionChristian_2000104??
 2007ReligionChristian_2007137 ??
Buddhist % of population 2006ReligionBuddhist_200664IRF 2007 table ??
CIA 2006 table ??
Hindu % of population 15ReligionHindu_200615CIA 2006 table ??
Jew% of population 1998ReligionJew_199885WJC 1998 table ??
Muslim% of population 2000ReligionMuslim_200054??
2004ReligionMuslim_2004163IRF 2004 table ??
Shia% of Muslims2005ReligionShia_200564CIA 2006 table ??
Sunni% of Muslims2005ReligionSunni_200564CIA 2006 table ??
Protestant % of population 2004ReligionProtestant_2004148IRF 2004 table ??
CIA 2006 table ??
% of believers
Assessed in survey: “Do you belong to a religious denomination? If yes, which one?”
1990ReligionProtestant2_199036WVS2 item 143
1995-98ReligionProtestant2_199643WVS3 item 179
ReligiousnessSurvey: “Independently of whether you go to church or not, would you say you are 1) A religious person, 2) Not a religious person, 3) A convinced atheist 9) Don’t know”
% of respondents identifying as a religious person
1990-91Religiousness1_199041WVS2 item 151
1995-98Religiousness1_1995.9846WVS3 item 182
Survey: “How important is God in your life?”
rated 1- 10
1980sReligiousness2_1980s Inglehart 2010 Appendix B
2000Religiousness2_200080WVS4 item f063
1998-2008Religiousness2_1998.200895WVS4+5 item f063
Religious participationSurvey: “Apart from weddings, funerals and christenings, about how often do you attend religious services these days?” 1) More than once a week, 2) Once a week, 3) Once a month, 4) Christmas/Easter day, 5) Other specific holidays, 6) Once a year, 7) Less often, 8) Never, practically never.1990-93ReligiousPractice_1990.9338WVS2 item 147
1995-98ReligiousPractice_1995.9848WVS3 item 181
Attitudes to religion Survey: % rates religion as comforting 1980-98ReligionComforting_1980.9883WVS1 item V318
WVS2 item V177
WVS3 item V191
WVS4 item f064

Related topics: Nation Type (Religion) Private freedom (Freedom of religion), Cultural diversity (religious fractionalization), Meaning of life
Related themes: Beliefs, Values

The dataset States of Nations is about characteristics of countries in periods (macro variables). It is part of the World Database of Happiness. Developed for the identification of societal conditions for happiness, the source can also be used for other purposes.