Mental health in nations

Burn-outMaslach Burnout Inventory (MBI)
Assessed in 245 studies in various populations. Average percent maximum score, range 0-100
1981-2007Burnout_1981.200725Fischer & Boer 2011:172
Index of distress behaviorChronic psychosis, calorie intake, caffeine consumption, coronary heart disease, alcoholism, suicide, murder, crime, divorce,cigarette consumption, illegitimacy and accidents where combined into two factors, ‘Anxiety’ and ‘Extroversion’ by pricipal components analyses and coverted to t scores based on a mean of 50 and SD of 10 for the entire set of data.1970Distress_197016Lynn 1982: 239
Mental well beingGeneral Health Questionnaire (short version). Question: Would you say that you have: 1) not at all, 2) no more than usual, 3) rather more than usual, 4) much more than usual…? a) …lost much sleep over worry, b) …been feeling unhappy or depressed, c) …been losing confidence in yourself, d) …been feeling that you could not overcome difficulties, e) …been feeling constantly under strain, f) …been thinking of yourself as a worthless person?
1996GHQ_199618Blanchflower 1999 table 12
Different versions of GHQ assessed in 396 samples of various non-clinical populations in 54 nations.
Mean scores rescaled to range 0-1
1972-2005GHQ_1972_200545Fischer & Boer 2011:172
Beck Depression Inventory (BDI)BDI 21 item version (1960), depression scale, asks about feelings ‘right now’.1974-1999?BDI1_199323Van Hemert 2002 table 1
BDI revised 21 item version (1979), depression scale, asks about feelings in ‘the past week including today’.1988-1999?BDI2_199513Van Hemert 2002 table 2
BDI short version (1972), depression scale, consists of 13 items.1984-1997?BDI3_19858Van Hemert 2002 table 3
DepressionSelf report on single question: Did you feel depressed yesterday?
% yes
StressSelf report on single question: Did you feel stress yesterday?
% yes
Comprehensive psychological wellbeingIndex of selfreport of: 1) positive relationships, 2) engagement, 3) vitality, 4) emotional stability, 5) competence, 6) resilience, 7) optimism, 8) self-esteem, 9) happiness, 10) meaning2006CPWB_200622Ruggeri 2016 table 9

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The dataset States of Nations is about characteristics of countries in periods (macro variables). It is part of the World Database of Happiness. Though developed for the identification of societal conditions for happiness, the source can also be used for other purposes.