Legal system in nations

Judicial independenceIndependence of highest court based solely on the legal foundations as found in legal documents.1990sLegalIndependence1_1990s58Feld & Voigt 2003
Factually ascertainable degree of independence of highest court.1960 – 98LegalIndependence2_199850Feld & Voigt 2003
Average duration of a procedureMean duration of the ‘Eviction of a tenant’ and the ‘Collection of a Check’(in calendar days), describing the total average duration of the ‘duration between the filing of the complaint and the moment of service of process to defendant’ + ‘duration between the service of the process and the moment the judgement is issued’ + ‘duration between the judgement and the moment the landlord repossesses the property or the creditor obtains payment’.1990sLegalLenght_1990s75Djankov c.s. 2001
Rule of lawPerceptions of incidence and costs of crime, the effectiveness and predictability of the judiciary, and the enforceability of contracts. 1997/98RuleLaw_199891Kaufmann c.s. 1998
2000/01RuleLaw_200191Kaufmann c.s. 2001
2002RuleLaw_2002173Kaufmann 2001, table C5
2006RuleLaw_2006175Kaufmann 2005, table C5
2012Rulelaw2_201297WJP table 5
Efficiency and integrity of legal system for businessAssessment of efficiency and integrity of legal environment as it affects business, particularly foreign firms; average between 1980 and 1983.
Scale 0-10, lower scores represent lower efficiency.
1980-83LegalEffect_198048Djankov c.s. 2001
Enforceability of contractsMeasures the relative degree to which (international) contractual agreements are honored and complications are present due to language and mentality differences.
Scale 0-10, higher scores indicating higher enforceability.
1990sLegalEnforce_1990s47Djankov c.s. 2001
Index of Mandatory DeadlinesMean of ‘Check Collection’ and ‘Eviction of Tenant’.
The higher the index, ranging  0-1, the more restrictive the law is. Index is average of the term for admission,  to present evidence, to present defence, to form judgment, for compliance and for the  notification of judgment.
1990sLegalDeadlines_1990s75Djankov c.s. 2001
Regulation of Dispute Resolution IndexDescribes substantive and procedural statutory intervention in judicial cases at lower-level civil trial courts and is formed by adding up the following indices: 1) Professional vs. laymen index, 2) Written versus oral index, 3) Legal justification index, 4) Statutory regulation of evidence index, 5) Superior review/control index, 6) Other statutory interventions index, and 7) Independent procedural actions >= median.
Mean of cases ‘Eviction of a tenant’ and ‘Collection of a check’.
Ranks 0 to 7; 7 means higher level of control/intervention.
1990sLegalDisputeReg_1990s75Djankov c.s. 2001

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The dataset States of Nations is about characteristics of countries in periods (macro variables). It is part of the World Database of Happiness. Though developed for the identification of societal conditions for happiness, the source can also be used for other purposes.