Institutional quality in nations

VariableMeasurementEraSPSS codeNSource
Institutional quality Index of 1) Voice and accountability (democracy), 2) Political instability and violence, 3) Government effectiveness, 4) Regulatory quality, 5) Rule of Law, 6) control of corruption

Based on various sources, among which surveys among businessmen
1997-98InstitutionalQuality_199854IMF 2000
2006InstitutionalQuality_2006138Kaufmann et al 2007
Opacity Index Index of 1) Corruption, 2) Legalsystem inadequacies, 3) Economic enforcement policies, 4) Accounting standards, 5) Regulation.Based on objective sources only. Higher scores denote lower institutional quality2009OpacityIndex_200948Kurtzman & Yago 2009
Diener/Tay index of ‘Social quality of life’Public opinion on 1) friends one can count on, 2) satisfaction with freedom, 3) children treated with respect, 4) good place for immigrants to live, 5) honest elections, 6) corruption. Assessed in GallupWorld Poll2006-2013SocialQualityIndex_2010s162Diener & Tay 2015, table 1

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The dataset States of Nations is about characteristics of countries in periods (macro variables). It is part of the World Database of Happiness