Inequality of happiness in nations

Dispersion of overall happinessSD 3-step happiness11948SD_HappinessHL3_19488WDH table 111a
1948SD_HappinessHL3a_194828WDH table 111a
1980SD_HappinessHL3_198031WDH table 111a+b+c
SD 3-step happiness corrected1980SD_HappinessHL3a_1980221WDH table 111a
1980SD_HappinessHL3b_1980321Veenhoven 1990
SD 4-step happiness1990SD_HappinessHL4_199042WDH table 111b
1995-98SD_HappinessHL4_199651WDH table 111b
1999SD_HappinessHL4_199931WDH table 111b
1990-99SD_HappinessHL4_1990s69Mean eqhap4_90-96-99
Dispersion of lifesatisfactionSD 4-step lifesatisfaction1973-79SD_HappinessLS4_1970s10WDH table 121b
1980-89SD_HappinessLS4_1980s13WDH table 121b
1990-99SD_HappinessLS4_1990s37WDH table 121b
2000SD_HappinessLS4_200034WDH table 121b
SD 10-step lifesatisfaction1980SD_HappinessLS10_198025WDH table 122c
1990-91SD_HappinessLS10_199042WDH table 122c
1990-95SD_HappinessLS10_199562WDH  table 122c
1995-98SD_HappinessLS10_199847WDH table 122c
1999-2000SD_HappinessLS10_199983WDH table 122c
1990-2000SD_Happiness10_1990s83Mean 1990-95-99
2005SD_HappinessLS10_200552Computed from World Values Survey 5
SD 10+11 step lifesatisfaction 1995-2005SD_HappinessLS10.11_2000s83WDH table 122c+d+e
Gini coefficient of 10-step lifesatisfaction 1999Gini_HappinessLS10_199946Computed from World Values Survey 4, item 65  
% in modus
10-step life satisfaction
% in modus and adjacent categories
10-step Life Satisfaction
Inter quartile range
10-step Life Satisfaction
Various questions on life-satisfaction: scored on verbal and numerical scales, all transformed to range 0-10 1990-2000SD_HappinessLSmix_1990s90WDH table 122c+123
Dispersion on Best-Worst scaleSD 11 step Best-Worst possible ladder of life scale 2006SD_HappinessBW11_2006132WDH table 131C
Dispersion of affect balanceSD 10 item Affect Balance Scale1980SD_HappinessABS_1980s16WDH table 222
SD 16 item scale of yesterday’s affects 2006SD_HappinessABS.YA_2006 43WDH table 231
Dispersion in combined non-equivalent items
using regression to estimate the score on one item on the bases of responses to another
Standard deviation 0-10 lifesatisfaction completed with standard deviation 0-10 Best-Worst transformed
1995-2005SD_HappinessLSBW11_2000s494WDH table 122c+d and 131
Standard deviation 0-10 BestWorst completed with standard deviation 0-10 Life satisfaction 2006SD_HappinessBWLS11_2006132
Inequality-adjusted happiness Index which gives equal weight to level and dispersion of happiness.
Computed rom mean and standard deviation of happiness according to Kalmijn
and Veenhoven 2005
1990-2000IAH_1990s90LSBW_90s, SD_LSBW_90s
1995-2005IAH_2000s94LSBW_00s, SD_LSBW_00s

Related topics: Average happiness, Inequality Adjusted Happiness (IAH)
Related themes: Inequality, Subjective well-being

The dataset States of Nations is about characteristics of countries in periods (macro variables). It is part of the World Database of Happiness. Though developed for the identification of societal conditions for happiness, this source can also be used for other purposes.