Findings on happiness in Cote d Ivoire

Distributional findings describe how happy people are in different times, places and publics in Cote d Ivoire. The boxes show the value of each indicator and the position of that nation in comparison with the rest of the nations.

Rank in the world (2010-2019)

5.3 (124th )
30.9 (131st )
2.45 (109th )

Trend of happiness over time

By Public

By Place

No Regions for Cote d Ivoire

Methodological Notes

  1. Rank in the world is based on the happiness measure types available for most countries.
    For this period (2010-2019) in Cote d Ivoire these are:
  2. The Trend over time chart is based on happiness measure types for which most points are available over all years.
    For Cote d Ivoire that is: