Happiness Measures


Overall: Summed overall appraisals (O-Sum)
Time frame:
various time frames (*)
multiple questions (mq)
Scale Type:
Different rating scales combined (*)
Scale Range:


Selfreport on 16 questions:

Which point on the scale below best describes how you feel about your life as a whole at this time?
1  terrible
2  unhappy
3  mostly happy
4  neither happy nor pleased
5  mostly pleased
6  pleased
7  delighted

Which of the following best describes how you think of your life at this time?
7  an ideal kind of life
6  what I want life to be
5  the best kind of life I am able to have now
4  a good enough life for now
3  a tolerable life for now
2  an unsatisfactory kind of life
1  a miserable life

How satisfied are you with your life overall?
1  completely dissatisfied
2  dissatisfied
3  somewhat dissatisfied
4  neither satisfied nor dissatisfied
3  mostly satisfied
2  satisfied
1  completely satisfied

Compared to your own aims and goals, how would you say that your life measures up now? Please fill in the circle under the percentage that best describes how closely what you have now measures up to WHAT YOU WANT
1  0%      not at all
2  10%   
               fairly poorly
3  20%
4  50%    half as well as your goal
5  70%
               fairly well
6  80%
7  100%  matches your goal

Below are some words that can apply to how you feel about your life as a whole. For example, if you think your life is boring, blacken the circle next to 'boring'; if you think your life is very interesting, blacken the circle next to 'interesting'. If your life fails somewhere in between, blacken one of the circles in between to indicate how boring or interesting your life is. Blacken one circle for every line
- boring             o    o     o     o      o       interesting
- enjoyable      o    o     o     o      o       miserable
- useless           o    o     o     o      o       worthwhile
- friendly            o    o     o     o      o       lonely
- full                   o    o     o     o      o       empty
- discouraging   o    o     o     o      o       hopeful
- disappointing   o   o     o     o      o       rewarding

Using the 1-7 scale below, indicate your agreement with each of the items by placing the appropriate number on the line preceding that item. Please be open and honest in your responding.
A  In most ways my life is close to ideal
B  The conditions of my life are excellent
C  I am satisfied with my life
D  So far, I have gotten the important things I want in life
E   If I could live my life over, I would change nothing

Answers rated:
7  strongly agree
6  agree
5  slightly agree
4  neither agree nor disagree
3  slightly disagree
2  disagree
1  strongly disagree

Computation:  A+B+C+D+Mean E+Mean F divided by 6

Name: Global QOL Assesment