Happiness Measures

Measures of Happiness: C-RG-h-fi-v-5-a


Contentment: Realization of Goals (C-RG)
Time frame:
hitherto (h)
focussed interview (fi)
Scale Type:
verbal scale (v)
Scale Range:


Self report in focused interview:

Content analysis of interview records by independent judges.
Interviews focused on the extent to which S feels he has achieved his goals in life, whatever those goals might be; feels he has succeeded in accomplishing what he regards as important. High ratings go, for instance, to S who says, "I've managed to keep out of jail" just as to R who says, "I managed to send all my kids through college". Low ratings go to R who feels he's missed most of his opportunities, or who says, "I've never been suited to my work", or "I always wanted to be a doctor, but never could get there". Also to R who wants most to be "loved", but instead feels merely "approved". (Expressions of regret for lack of education are not counted because they are stereotyped responses among all but the group of highest social status).

Rating options:
5  Feels he has accomplished what he wanted to do. He has  
    achieved or is achieving his own personal goals.
4  Regrets somewhat the chances missed during life. "Maybe   
    I could have made more of certain opportunities".  
    Nevertheless, feels that he has been fairly successful in  
    accomplishing what he wanted to do in life.
3  Has a fifty-fifty record of opportunities taken and opportunities
    missed. Would have done some things differently, if he had  
    his life to live over. Might have gotten more education.
2  Has regrets about major opportunities missed but feels good  
    about accomplishment in one area (may be his avocation).
1  Feels he has missed most opportunities in life.

List of Studies Using this Measure

Study Population N Mean
Standard Deviation
Neugarten et al. (1961): study US 1955 50+ aged, whites followed 2,5 years, Kansas City, USA., 196? N = 177