Happiness Measures


Affect: Cheerful Appearance (A-CA)
Time frame:
generally (g)
rating by family (rdf)
Scale Type:
verbal scale (v)
Scale Range:


Rating of babies behaviour by mother on 14 questions

A  When waking up
     a   generally happy (smiling, etc)
     b  variable moods at these times
     c  generally fusses on waking up and going to sleep
B  With interruptions of milk and solid feedings, as for burping
     a  is generally happy and smiles
     b  variable response
     c  generally cries with these interruptions
C  After feeding the baby
     a  smiles and laughs
     b  content but not usually happy (smiles etc) or fussy
     c  fussy and wants to be left alone
D  Initial reaction to new foods
     a  pleasant (smiles, etc) whether accepts or not
     b  variable or intermediate
     c  response unpleasant (cries, etc), whether accepts or not
E   When diaper is soiled with b.m
     a  usually fusses
     b  sometimes fusses
     c  usually does not fuss
D  During diapering and dressing
     a  generally pleasant (smiles, etc.)
     b  variable
     c  generally fusses
E  Usual reaction to bath
     a  laughs and smiles
     b  variable
     c  usually cries or fusses
F  During procedures such as nail cutting, hair brushing, washing face and hair; once established
     a  generally pleasant, smiles
     b  neutral or variable
     c  generally fussy or crying
G  With physical exam by doctor
     a  generally friendly and smiles
     b  both smiles and fusses; variable
     c  fusses most of the time
H  With any kind of illness
    a  much crying and fussing
    b  variable
    c  not much crying, just whimpering sometimes, generally his usual self
I   Initial reaction to approach by strangers
    a  positive, friendly (smiles etc)
    b variable reaction
    c  rejection or withdrawal
J  General Reaction to familiar people
    a  friendly, Smiles and laughs
    b  variable reaction
    c generally glum and unfriendly, little smiling
K  Initial reaction to new places and situations
    a  acceptance - tolerates or enjoys them in a few minutes
    b  variable
    c  rejection, does not tolerate or enjoy in a few minutes

Name: Mood factor in Carey Parent Questionnaire on Infant Behaviour