Happiness Measures

Measures of Happiness: A-BB-u-mq-v-3-e


Affect: Balance (Bradburn's index) (A-BB)
Time frame:
time unspecified (u)
multiple questions (mq)
Scale Type:
verbal scale (v)
Scale Range:


Self report on 8 questions:

Here is a list that describes some of the ways people feel at different times. How often do you feel each of these ways?
A  On top of the world
B  Very lonely or remote from other people
C  Particularly excited or interested in something
D  Pleased about having accomplished something
E  Bored
F  Depressed or very unhappy
G  So restless that you could not sit long in a chair
H  Vaguely uneasy about something without knowing why

Response options:
0  never
1  sometimes
3  often

PA   =  A+C+D           (range 0-9)
NA   =  B+E+F+G+H  (range 0-15)
ABS =  PA-NA           (range 1-7)

Name: Index of Psychological Wellbeing

List of Studies Using this Measure

Study Population N Mean
Standard Deviation
Wright & Bonett (1993): study US 1988 Human services personel; USA; followed for 2 years, 198? N =
Wright & Bonett (1997): study US 1996 Criminal justice staff personnel; USA; followed 2 years, 199? N =
Wright & Staw (1999): study US 1994 Social welfare department employees, USA, 199?, followed 4 years N =
Wright & Staw (1999): study US 1994 /1 Social services staff personel; USA, 199?, followed 1 year N =
Wright et al. (2002): study US 1997 Public-sector managers, USA, 2002, followed 2 years N =
Wright et al. (2004): study US 1999 Public sector supervisory personel; USA; 199? N =
Wright et al. (2004): study US 1998 Social welfare counselors, USA, 199? N =