Happiness Measures

Measures of Happiness: A-AB-cw-mq-v-3-a


Affect: Affect Balance (Various) (A-AB)
Time frame:
last week (cw)
multiple questions (mq)
Scale Type:
verbal scale (v)
Scale Range:


Self-report on 18 questions:

How have things been going in the last week? Please tick one of the three boxes for each of the questions below:
A  Have you been annoyed with someone?
B  Have you ever felt lonely or remote from people?
C  Have you ever felt that things were going your way?
D  Have you ever felt very worried?
E  Have you ever felt pleased because you've got friends?
F  Have you ever been afraid of what might happen?
G  Have you ever felt particularly excited or interested in something?
H  Have you ever felt depressed or unhappy?
I   Have you ever been full of energy?
J  Have you ever felt really tired?
K  Have you ever felt so restless that you could not sit long in a chair?
L  Have you ever felt that you were really enjoying yourself?
M  Have you ever felt really cheerful?
N  Have you ever felt like crying?
O  Have you ever felt at the top of the world?
P  Have you ever felt confident about the future?
Q  Have you ever felt bored?
R  Have you ever felt pleased about having accomplished something?

1:  never or seldom
2:  sometimes
3:  usually or a lot  

Computation: (C+E+G+I+L+M+O+P+R) - (A+B+D+F+H+J+K+N+Q)

Name: Bradburn's Affect Balance Scale: extended version, variant by Godoy

List of Studies Using this Measure

Study Population N Mean
Standard Deviation
Godoy-Izquierdo et al. (2009): study ES Granada, Andalucía 2004 18-64 aged, healthy people, Granada, Spain, 2004 N = 219
= 5.990
= 5.840