Happiness Measure Types

Equivalent measure type

6-step Feel Happy

Typical text

How happy, satisfied or pleased have you been with your personal life during the past month ...... ?
6  extremely happy, could not have been more satisfied or pleased
5  very happy
4  fairly happy
3  satisfied, pleased
2  somewhat dissatisfied
1  very dissatisfied

Measures included in this type

Measure Code Description Nr. Studies M-FH-cm-sq-v-6-a Mixed: Feel Happy; last month, last few weeks; 1 question; verbal scale 4 M-FH-cw-sq-v-6-a Mixed: Feel Happy; last week; 1 question; verbal scale 5 M-FH-g-sq-n-6-a Mixed: Feel Happy; generally; 1 question; numeric scale 1 M-FH-m-sq-f-6-b Mixed: Feel Happy; momentary (now); 1 question; faces scale 1 M-TH-g-sq-v-6-a Mixed: Time Happy; generally; 1 question; verbal scale 1 O-HL-c-mq-?-6-a Overall: Happiness in Life; currently (today, these days, presently); multiple questions; scale not reported 2