Happiness measure, code: M-TH-g-sq-v-3-d

Selfreport on single question:

I feel......
3 rarely unhappy
2 rather often unhappy
1 very often unhappy.
Focus, M-TH Mixed: Time Happy
Time frame, g generally
Mode, sq 1 question
Scale type, v verbal scale Range = 3
Used in studies
ReferenceErdman (1981): study NL 1978
TitleWelbevinden bij Hartpatienten. (Well-Being of Heartpatients).
PublicHeart patients, The Netherlands 1978-1979
Findingsdistributional: yes, correlational: yes
ReferenceHermans & Tak-VandeVen (1973): study NL 1971
TitleBestaat er een Oorspronkelijke Dimensie:"Positief Innerlijk Welbevinden"? (Are there Arguments in Favor of an Original Dimension "Positive Psychological Well-Being"?)
PublicSecondary school pupils, The Netherlands, 197?
Findingsdistributional: no, correlational: yes