Happiness measure, code: O-Sum---mq-*-0-a

Self report on 8 items

A How do you feel about your life as a whole?
Rated on a 9-step Delighted-Terrible scale
Asked twice in the interview with 15 minutes interval

B a In most ways my life is close to ideal
b The conditions of my life are excellent
c I am satisfied with my life
d So far, I have gotten the important things I want in life
e If I could live my life over, I would change nothing'
Answers rated: 7 strongly agree to 1 strongly disagree

C How do you feel usually?
0 extremely unhappy
10 extremely happy

Computation: factor
Focus, O-Sum Overall: Summed overall appraisals
Time frame, - various time frames
Mode, mq multiple questions
Scale type, * Different rating scales combined Range = 0
Used in studies
ReferenceHeadey et al. (1993): study AU AU Victoria 1981
TitleDimensions of Mental Health: Life Satisfaction, Positive Affect, Anxiety and Depression.
Public18-65 aged, Victoria, Australia, followed 1981 to 1987
Findingsdistributional: no, correlational: yes