Happiness measure, code: M-AC-h-mq-v-21-a

Selfreport on 2 questions:

"How important was each of the following goals in life in the plans you made for yourself in early adulthood?"
- joy in living

4 of prime importance to me
1 less important to me than to most people

"How successful have you been in the pursuit of these goals?"
5 had excellent fortune in this respect
1 little satisfaction in this are

Life satisfaction score = A * B - (A - B)
Maximal range 1-21

Computation: General Satisfaction 5 is the quotient obtained by multiplying the planned goal (early adulthood) by the reported success in attaining that goal, adding the five of these multiplied areas and dividing them by the sum of the planned goals for each of the areas.

Pa.Sa + Pb.Sb + Pc.Sc + Pd.Sd + Pe.Se
Pa + Pb + Pc + Pd + Pe
Pa = planned goal a (1-5)
Sa = success goal a (1-5)
Focus, M-AC Mixed: Affect + Contentment
Time frame, h hitherto
Mode, mq multiple questions
Scale type, v verbal scale Range = 21
Used in studies
ReferenceSears (1977): study US 1921 /1
TitleSources of Life Satisfactions of the Terman Gifted Men.
PublicGifted men (IQ>135), followed 50 years, California, USA, 1921-72
Findingsdistributional: yes, correlational: yes