Happiness measure, code: O-SLu-g-sq-n-10-c

Selfreport on single question:

"In general, how happy would you say you are....."?

Response options not reported
Focus, O-SLu Overall: Satisfaction with life (unspecified)
Time frame, g generally
Mode, sq 1 question
Scale type, n numeric scale Range = 10
Used in studies
ReferenceCruces et al. (2008): study AR 2007
TitleQuality of Life in Buenos Aires Neighborhoods: Hedonic Price Regressions and Life Satisfaction Approach.
PublicAdults, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2007
Findingsdistributional: yes, correlational: yes
ReferenceManning-Gibbs (1972): study US 1946
TitleRelative Deprivation and Self-Reported Happiness of Blacks: 1946-1966.
PublicAdults, general public, USA, 1946-1966
Findingsdistributional: yes, correlational: yes