Happiness measure, code: A-AB-md-mqr-v-5-e

Selfreport on 27 questions repeated 8 days

To what extent did you feel today,,
A in good spirits
B cheerful
C extremely happy
D calm and peaceful
E satisfied
F full of life
G close to others
H like to belong
I enthusiastic
J ttentive
K proud
L active
O confident
P restless of fidgety
Q nervous
R worthless
S so sad that nothing could cheer you up
T everything was an effort
U hopeless
V lonely
X afraid
Y jottery
Z irritable
Aa ashamed
Ab upset
Ac angry
Ad frustrated

1 not at all
5 very much

Computation: (A -O)\13 - (P- Ad)\14
Focus, A-AB Affect Affect Balance (various)
Time frame, md last day
Mode, mqr multiple questions, repeated (number not reported)
Scale type, v verbal scale Range = 5
Used in studies