Happiness measure, code: O-HP-u-sq-v-4-a

Selfreport on single question:

Do you consider yourself as a happy person......?
4 very happy
3 happy
2 neither happy nor unhappy
1 not too happy
- don't know
Focus, O-HP Overall: Happy Person
Time frame, u time unspecified
Mode, sq 1 question
Scale type, v verbal scale Range = 4
Used in studies
ReferenceTessler & Mechanic (1978): study US Wisconsin 1972
TitlePsychological Distress and Perceived Health.
PublicStudents, Wisconsin, USA,1972-73
Findingsdistributional: no, correlational: yes
Reference~CBS (1984b): study NL 1979
TitleDe Leefsituatie van de Nederlandse Jeugd van 13-24 jaar in 1979. Deel 4.(Life Situation of the Dutch Youth of 13-24 in 1979, Vol. 4: An Analysis of Youth in One-Parent Families.)
PublicAdolescents, The Netherlands, 1979
Findingsdistributional: yes, correlational: yes