Happiness measure, code: A-ASA-md-mqr-n-7-a

Selfreport of affect during specific activities noted in diary (Day Reconstruction Method)

A happy
B affectionate
C competent
D relaxed
E in control
F depressed
G impatient
H critisized
I angry
J frustrated
K Irritated
L stressed

1 not at all
7 very strongly

Scores weighted by length of episode

Computation: [(A-E)/5 + (F-L)/7]/2
Focus, A-ASA Affect: Average of Specific Affects
Time frame, md last day
Mode, mqr multiple questions, repeated (number not reported)
Scale type, n numeric scale Range = 7
Used in studies
ReferenceDaly et al. (2014): study IE 2013
TitleCan Early Intervention Policies Improve Well-being? Evidence from a Randomized Controlled Trial.
PublicParticipants support program for underprivileged pregnant women, Dublin, Ireland, 2013
Findingsdistributional: yes, correlational: yes