Happiness measure, code: A-CP-g-mq-n-24-a

Selfreport on 4 questions:

How do you see yourself in general....?
A 'happy' to 'sad',
B 'elated' to 'depressed',
C 'tensed' to 'relaxed'
D 'satisfied' to 'dissatisfied'.

Scoring: each item scored on bi-polar 7 step numerical scale.
Summation: scores added; possible range 4-28
Focus, A-CP Affect: Cheerful Person
Time frame, g generally
Mode, mq multiple questions
Scale type, n numeric scale Range = 24
Used in studies
ReferenceFeather & O'Brien (1986): study AU 1980
TitleA Longitudinal Study of the Effects of Employment and Unemployment on School-Leavers.
PublicSchool-leavers, Australia, followed 2 years,1980-1982
Findingsdistributional: yes, correlational: yes