Happiness measure, code: M-PL-c-sq-v-5-a

Selfreport on single question:

During the past 4 weeks, did you enjoy life?
1 never
2 seldom
3 quite often
4 very often
5 always
Focus, M-PL Mixed: Pleasure in Life
Time frame, c currently (today, these days, presently)
Mode, sq 1 question
Scale type, v verbal scale Range = 5
Used in studies
ReferencePetersen-Ewert et al. (2005): study ZZ Europe 2003
TitleDevelopment and Pilot-Testing of a Health Related Quality of Life Chronic Generic Module for Children and Adolescents with Chronic Health Conditions: A European Perspective.
Public8-16 aged chronic patients, 7 EU countries, 2003
Findingsdistributional: yes, correlational: yes