Happiness measure, code: O-SLW-c-sq-n-7-b

Selfreport on single question

Here are some questions about how you feel about your life. Please tick the number which you feel best describes how dissatisfied or satisfied you are with the following aspects of your current situation…
Your life as a whole.
1 not satisfied at all
7 completely satisfied

Last item in a list of domain satisfactions
Focus, O-SLW Overall: Satisfaction w Life as a Whole
Time frame, c currently (today, these days, presently)
Mode, sq 1 question
Scale type, n numeric scale Range = 7
Used in studies
ReferenceAnand et al. (2005): study GB 2000
TitleCapabilties and Well-Being: Evidence based on the Sen-Nussbaum Approach to Welfare.
Public16+ aged, general public, UK, 2000
Findingsdistributional: yes, correlational: yes