Correlational finding on Happiness and Unemployed involuntary
Subject code: E02ab03

StudyOlgiati et al. (2013): study ZZ Western nations 2006
TitleAre Migrants Going Up a Blind Alley? Economic Migration and Life Satisfaction around the World: Cross-National Evidence from Europe, North America and Australia
SourceSocial Indicators Research, 2013, Vol. 114, 383 - 404
DOIDOI: 10.1007/s11205-012-0151-4
Public15+ aged general public, 16 Western countries, 2006-2011
SampleProbability multi-stage random
Respondents N =51004

Author's labelUnemployed
Page in Source 392, 295
Our classificationUnemployed involuntary, code E02ab03
Self-report on single question:
Do you currently have a job or work (either paid or 
unpaid work)?
1: yes
0: no
Error Estimates5.9% unemployed

Observed Relation with Happiness
C-BW-c-sq-l-11-ab=-.78 p < .001
B controlled for:
- ln income
- foreign born
- ln income*foreign born
- age and age squared
- gender
- marital status
- household size
- religion
- satisfaction with health
- country of residence
- survey round

Appendix 1: Happiness measures used
CodeFull Text
C-BW-c-sq-l-11-aSelfreport on single question:

Here is a picture of a ladder. Suppose we say that the top of the ladder represents the best possible life for you and the bottom represents the worst possible life for you. Where on the ladder do you feel you personally stand at the present time?
[ 10 ] best possible life
[ 9 ]
[ 8 ]
[ 7 ]
[ 6 ]
[ 5 ]
[ 4 ]
[ 3 ]
[ 2 ]
[ 1 ]
[ 0 ] worst possible life

Preceded by 1) open questions about what the respondent imagines as the best possible life and the worst possible life. 2) ratings on the ladder of one's life five years ago and where on the ladder one expects to stand five years from now.

Name: Cantril's self anchoring ladder rating of life (original)

Appendix 2: Statistics used
Type: test statistic
Measurement level: Correlate: metric, Happiness: metric
Theoretical range: unlimited

b > 0 A higher correlate level corresponds with a higher happiness rating on average.
B < 0 A higher correlate level corresponds with a lower happiness rating on average.
B = 0 Not any correlation with the relevant correlate.
Ruut Veenhoven, World Database of Happiness, Collection of Correlational Findings, Erasmus University Rotterdam.