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Correlational subject: Current nation of residence

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NATION: NATIONALITY Current nation of residence
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Correlate as named by investigator People investigated Finding Nationality College students, Korea, China, and USA, 198? National differences College students, South Korea, Japan, USA, 1991 Sexe Dual career parents in four European cities, 200? Relative temperal stability of average happiness in nations Adults, general public, 9 developed nations, 1948-1981 Happiness Measures Participants in a happiness training, Italy, 2001 Happiness across countries 18+ aged, general public, Eastern European Countries, 1991 Country of residence 18 + aged, general public, 9 nations in Western Europe, 1999 Asian 18+ aged, general public, 68 nations, 1990-2001. Nationality Americans (vs Russians) Students and community members, US and Russia, 1999 cultural membership University students, USA and Singapore, 200? Region 15+ aged, general public, Far East countries, 1976 Countries Working people, 9 European Union countries, 2003 Present life condtions 50+ aged, Denmark, Norway, 1973 Nations 75-89 aged, living alone in urban districts, five European nations 2002-2004 Country 60+ aged living alone, 10 European Nations, 2004 Country/region 18+ aged, general public, 19 countries, 1986-2008 Country of residence 15+ aged, general public, Europe, 13 EU nations, 2002-2009 Country of settlement 15+ aged first-generation immigrants, 13 EU-nations, 2002-2009 Migration 15+ aged general public, Europe, Europe, 2002-2005 France 15+ aged general public, 13 EU nations, 2002-2009 Country 18+ aged, general public, multiple nations, 2007 Country effect 18+ aged, general public, Latin America, 1997-2007 German citizen 16+ aged general public, Germany, followed 5 years, 2003-2008 Countries 50+ aged, general public, Europe, 2006,2007 Gender 17-30 aged students, 21 countries, 2000 Nationality University students, Brazil and United States, 2005-2006 Country 50+ aged, general public, 16 European nations, 2012 nation Soccer teams playing in World Cup 1970-2014 Region of origin (Czechia, Slovakia, Hungary) 21-65 aged, commuters from Slowakia, Tsjechia and Hungary, 2012-2013